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2019 Fall Recreational Volleyball REMIX  Volleyball (Indoor) · Any Novice

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Fall 2019
Sep 18 ’19
Nov 13 ’19
Registration Dates:
Jul 8 ’19 – Jul 22 ’19 regular
Jul 23 ’19 – Jul 24 ’19 late
Minimum age:
21 years old
Maximum age:
99 years old
Age as of:
Sep 18 ’19
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Team Fees
Regular $35.00 per player + $1.75 Processing Fee
Late $0.00 per player + $1.75 Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Regular $50.00 + $1.75 Processing Fee
Late $60.00 + $1.75 Processing Fee

After 13 seasons of Indoor, Sand, Recreational and Competitive Volleyball over the last five years, Stonewall Sports Philadelphia (the founding chapter of Stonewall Volleyball nationwide), is excited to bring the sport back to the basics for a fun, recreational REMIX Volleyball season! 

Following two successful REMIX seasons of Kickball, Stonewall Sports Philadelphia is bringing REMIX to a different sport to provide volleyball veterans and new players alike the opportunity to meet on the court and build the type of teamwork unique to volleyball while building our LGBTQIA+ community. We hope youÃ??Ã?¢??ll join us for this recreational REMIX season of Stonewall Volleyball to make new friends on and off the court. 

Dodgeball and Volleyball will be sharing a gym this season and happening on the same nights. Players interested in both dodgeball and volleyball unfortunately will have to choose only one of these two sports this season. 

League Info

Location - Bok Bar, 800 Mifflin St, Philadelphia, PA
Day of the Week - Wednesdays  
Game Times - 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Game Dates - 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 11/6, and 11/13

*Dates/Times are subject to change*

Registation Details

Registration window: 10:00am 7/8/19 - 11:59pm 7/22/19
Registation Fee: $51.75

All players will register as Free Agents or in a Small Group of two. 

*Registrations happening after 7/22 but before 7/24 at 12:00pm will incur a 20% late fee. Absolutely no late registrations will be honored after 12:00pm on 7/24*

T-shirt Pickup/Opening Mixer

Location and date of the T-shirt Pickup are TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REMIX?
We are shaking things up for the Fall 2019 season!  Rather than sign up with specific teams, each player will register as a free agent and be placed on a random team.
Stonewall Sports - Philadelphia is all about fostering a welcoming, inclusive community where all feel safe to let loose and be themselves through fun, competitive sports.  As we enter Fall 2019, REMIX will give returning players the opportunity to break out from their corners of the league, take a break from established teams, and meet some new teammates!  New players will find a welcoming, level playing field with everyone in the same boat, establishing new friendships, and new social opportunities.
How does REMIX work?
All all players will register as free agents. During the registration process, registrants will be asked to self-rank their skill levels. Using these rankings, teams will be automatically generated to ensure a balance of skill level on each team.  Team assignments are final.  Changes may be considered at League Management's discretion only in the most extraordinary circumstances and only prior to the start of the season.

What are the skill levels for REMIX?

  • 5 - Advanced skill level with expert knowledge of the game and rules.
  • 4 - Experienced skill level with exceptional knowledge of the game and rules.
  • 3 - Intermediate skill level with a solid knowledge of the game and rules.
  • 2 - Novice skill level with a basic understanding of the game and rules.
  • 1 - Beginner skill level with little or no knowledge of the game and rules.

What if I really want to play with my friend during REMIX?

No problem! We will be offering a buddy system. When registering you will be given the option to select another registrant to be your buddy. That will guarantee that the two of you will be on the same team. 

How will captains be selected for REMIX?
The board will be selecting captains based on both their experience with volleyball as well as their demonstrated ability to build and support inclusive, well-connected teams. Please indicate during the registration process if you are interested in serving as a Team Captain. Some things to consider if interested in captaining a team: 
  • Stonewall Experience - Must have played at least one season of Stonewall Volleyball.
  • Stonewall Involvement - Volunteering/past leadership may be considered.
  • Stonewall Sportsmanship - Captains must have a track record of positive sportsmanship within the league. 

But what about my current team?
Winter Volleyball will return to the status quo.  REMIX only applies to Fall Volleyball.

What if I CANNOT play with my Former Partner/GF/BF/BFF/Teammate!?

Ah, the ex factor. We get it. For one reason or another, there may be someone in REMIX that you absolutely, positively cannot play with for a whole season for whatever reason. We encourage you to go into the season with an open mind and heart, and to give people you may not have a fantastic pre-existing relationship with a chance.

If you feel that being on the same team with a particular person or group of people would put you in an unsafe situation, please email by 7/24/19 at 12:00 pm. Note that this is for extraordinary circumstances and subject to the discretion of League Management.

*If League Management feels as if a player has misrepresented themselves in their self-ranking for any reason, it reserves the right to adjust it for any reason.


During REMIX seasons only, teams who do not have the minimum number of players at the start of the match may utilize substitute players for that match. Teams may only take on the number of substitutes needed to reach the minimum play number. Teams that require the use of substitutes will incur a point penalty for the match, dependent on the sport. These guidelines must be followed should a team choose to use substitutes:

The substitute(s) must be registered to play the current season of the sport.
Players are ineligible to serve as a substitute for more than two games a season.
Players are ineligible to serve as a substitute for the same team twice in a season.
Players are ineligible to serve as a substitute more than once in a given week.
If a rostered player of the team arrives during a match, they must be swapped out with the substitute once the game in progress has been completed.
The referee must record the substitute's information on the score sheet and share it with League Management.
Application of the substitute rule is at the discretion of the referees, umpires, and League Management.
Abuse of the substitution rule, including but not limited to discouraging rostered players from attending matches in deference to using substitutes may result in a forfeit and/or the offending player's dismissal (without refund) from the season or Stonewall Sports program. Use of substitutes will result in a one match point penalty per substitute used.

League Notes:

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