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Stonewall Leadership Team

Matt Forrest (he/him)

Position: Commissioner 


Leagues: Kickball, Dodgeball, Bowling, & Sand Volleyball
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Contact me about: Anything related to Stonewall! I'm always open to hearing from players to talk about their Stonewall experience, members of the community who want to get involved with our organization, or any other thoughts you want to send my way!

    Mike Morris (he/him)

    Position: Sports Operations Director 




    Contact me about: Stonewall Sports! Especially questions about registration, sportsmanship, rules, venues or getting involved in a league in some way. It's my job to make sure members have a consistently great experience across all of our sports and I'm always happy to chat more about our leagues.

      Sean Daugherty (he/him)

      Position: Finance Director 




      Contact me about: Any reimbursement questions or anything finance related. Stonewall Sports-Philadelphia strives for financial transparency both in terms of how we spend money to keep our leagues running and how we donate to our nonprofit partners each year.

        Jonah Binstock (he/him)

        Position: Administrative Director 


        Leagues: Bocce, Bowling, Dodgeball, Kickball, & Sand Volleyball

        Hometown: Durham, NC

        Contact me about: Interest in getting more involved in Stonewall leadership opportunities (typically recruitment season is Aug/Sept), Bocce (I manage the league'), any information about the board, or current goals of the organization.

        Why should someone join Stonewall? It can be daunting to put yourself out there, but with Stonewall each member has been in the shoes of a first time player - regardless of their recreational sports experience. Once members get to know one another, you'll find an amazing resource of support, friendship, and joy with the organization.

          John Sweeney (he/him)

          Position: Member Experience Director  


          Leagues: Kickball, Dodgeball, & Trivia

          Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PA

          Contact me about: Your experience as a member of Stonewall Sports - Philadelphia! My goal is to help ensure all members have a great experience and I welcome any feedback or questions you have about Stonewall.

          Why did you join Stonewall? I wanted to get more involved in the Philly LGBTQ+ community and meet more people. The community that I have found through my involvement in Stonewall exceeds anything that I had hoped for as a new member.

            Miguel Cano (he/him)

            Position: Director of Kickball 


            Leagues: Kickball

            Hometown: Aguas Buenas, PR

            Contact me about: Any kickball related questions or concerns. From rules to explanations to clinics, I'm here to answer all your questions. Want to learn the ways of the red ball? Contact me.

            What have you gotten out of Stonewall? Friends and an amazing community. 

              James Evans (he/him)

              Position: Director of Dodgeball 


              Leagues: Dodgeball, Kickball, Sand Volleyball, Yoga, Stonewall In Motion, & Billiards

              Hometown: Ewing, NJ

              Contact me about: If you have any questions about dodgeball rules, want to get connected to other Stonewall dodgeball players to form a team, or want to know about the other Philadelphia dodgeball leagues.

              What have you gotten out of Stonewall?: It gave me a love for playing sports again. Growing up I didn't realize that I had an aversion for sports teams not because I didn't like playing sports, but because I didn't really fit in and that made being in those spaces uncomfortable. I think anyone who joins a Stonewall sport will find that there is someone welcoming who doesn't care if you can't throw a ball, or will coach you if you genuinely want to do better.

                Colin Hammar (he/him)

                Position: Director of Volleyball


                Leagues: Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, & Kickball

                Hometown: Chesterton, IN

                Contact me about: Any questions about volleyball (indoor and sand). As the Director of Volleyball, I can answer questions about the sport and how the leagues are run.

                Why did you join Stonewall? My bestie Jordan Toy (Stonewall Philly Community Outreach Coordinator) made me! He signed us up for kickball and we had a lot of fun so we kept with it.

                  John Loesch (he/him)

                  Position: Director of Billiards & Bowling 




                  Contact me about: Bowling and Billiards; please reach out to me when things go right, wrong, suggestions or clarifications for anything Bowling and Billiards. Feel free to contact me!

                  James Kennedy (he/him)

                  Position: Wellness Director


                  Leagues: Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Yoga, Kickball, & Stonewall In Motion

                  Hometown: Moved all over, but Philly is home now! 

                  Contact me about: Contact me for information about the Stonewall Yoga program, joining Stonewall in Motion, or ideas for other wellness activities.

                    Brian Walsh (he/him)

                    Position: Sponsorship and Fundraising Director


                    Leagues: Dodgeball, Kickball, Volleyball, & Bowling

                    Hometown: Mantua, NJ

                    Contact me about: How you, your company, and anyone in your network could support Stonewall in providing a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for it's members and the local LGBTQIA+ community.

                    What have you gotten out of Stonewall? Stonewall has given me so much more than one would expect from an adult rec sports league. I joined somewhat reluctantly, as I was not yet completely out, for a remix season with a friend. During my first season I met so many great people, formed close friendships, and even met my now roommates.

                      Liz Hoover (she/her)

                      Position: Communications Director 


                      Leagues: Dodgeball, Kickball, Bowling, Bocce, Sand Volleyball, & Yoga

                      Hometown: Dallas, PA 

                      Contact me about: Any and all matters relating to marketing, social media, PR, and communications for the organization.

                        Jordan Toy (he/him)

                        Position: Community Outreach Director  





                        Contact me about: My role works with our numerous non-profit partners who we raise money for throughout the year. If you're wanting to get involved with volunteer opportunities or large scale events through our organization, I'm a point of contact for all of our members.

                          Allyn Fowler (he/him)

                          Position: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Allyship Director   


                          Leagues: Dodgeball

                          Hometown: Pemberton, NJ

                          Contact me about:
                           Any questions, issues, concerns; or, suggestions for initiatives regarding diversity, equity, inclusion and allyship within Stonewall. We strive to engender a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for all of our members and communities. We aim to uplift voices of underrepresented groups and support our allies. Achieving diversity, equity and inclusion is an ongoing team effort and we will continue to make Stonewall as inclusive, accessible and equitable as possible.

                          What have you gotten out of Stonewall? Stonewall has given me a more sense of belonging in the gay community- outside the nightclubs, happy hours and dating apps. As a BIPOC, I also have a platform within a leadership role to advocate support for and spread awareness of issues unique to the underrepresented groups within our community.

                            Dave Rad (he/him)

                            Position: Education Director   


                            Leagues: Bowling, Billiards, Kickball, Dodgeball, & Bocce

                            Hometown: Philadelphia, PA (Port Richmond)

                            Contact me about: Any questions or suggestions about Stonewall's educational initiatives or getting involved with the education committee. If you are in need of any resources related to health & wellness, or player development. If you can offer, or are in search of, expertise on social, financial, and political issues that affect the LGBTQIA+ community. 

                            Why did you join Stonewall? I joined Stonewall because I didn't really have friends in the LGBTQ+ community once I moved back to Philly from North Carolina. My best friend moved to Boston and had quickly made a great group of friends. This was the motivation I needed to dive in and join as a free agent on a bowling team. Plus, I'm really competitive and love sports!

                              Brian Chaffinch (he/him)

                              Position: Events Director   




                              Contact me about: Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding all social and fundraising events Stonewall puts on (including bar crawl, flip cup, end of the year celebrations, and end of season celebrations). I also run Stonewall's trivia leagues, so reach out with any questions about that!

                                Bob Kringe (he/him)

                                Position: National Board Representative 




                                Contact me about: Questions and suggestions pertaining to the National Organization; Ways to get involved in Stonewall on a national level; Getting connected with Stonewall in a different city

                                  Committee Members

                                  The work of our Board is supported by 3 Committees made up of Stonewall community members who oversee projects that support our players, provide perspective & leadership, and direct initiatives in areas essential to the fulfillment of Stonewall's mission. 

                                  Education Committee

                                  • Megan Harbach, John Moletress, Kevin Keenan, Daniel Farrell

                                  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Allyship Committee 

                                  • Rachel Waibogha, Lenny Marchica, Jeremiah Spoon, Jennifer Medaglia

                                  Events & Social Committee 

                                  • Roger Mercado, Andrew Blank, Mickey McMahon, Matthew Mcilvain

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