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Stonewall Leadership Team

Matt Forrest (he/him/his)

Position: Commissioner 


  • Contact me about: Anything related to Stonewall! I'm always open to hearing from players to talk about their Stonewall experience, members of the community who want to get involved with our organization, or any other thoughts you want to send my way! 

Mike Morris (he/him/his)

Position: Sports Operations Director 


  • Contact me about: Stonewall Sports! Especially questions about registration, sportsmanship, rules, venues or getting involved in a league in some way. It's my job to make sure members have a consistently great experience across all of our sports and I'm always happy to chat more about our leagues.

Sean Daugherty (he/him/his)

Position: Finance Director 


  • Contact me about: Any reimbursement questions or anything finance related. Stonewall Sports-Philadelphia strives for financial transparency both in terms of how we spend money to keep our leagues running and how we donate to our nonprofit partners each year. 

Jonah Binstock (he/him/his)

Position: Administrative Director 


  • Contact me about: Interest in getting more involved in Stonewall leadership opportunities or questions/conversations about organization operations. I also run Stonewall's bocce league, so feel free to see me any bocce related questions!

John Sweeney (he/him)

Position: Member Experience Director  


  • Contact me about: Feedback or questions about your experience as a Stonewall Philadelphia member. I strive to ensure all members have a positive Stonewall experience and the best way for me to do that is to hear from you!

Miguel Cano (he/him)

Position: Director of Kickball 


  • Contact me about: All things kickball! How to join, questions about rules/gameplay, umpire interest, etc.

James Evans (he/him/his)

Position: Director of Dodgeball 


  • Contact me about: Anything related to dodgeball! 

Colin Hammar (he/him)

Position: Director of Volleyball


  • Contact me about: If you have any inquiries about volleyball, Stonewall sports in general or the organizational mission itself. As the director of volleyball, I can answer questions about the sport and how the leagues are run. 

John Loesch (he/him/his)

Position: Director of Billiards & Bowling 


  • Contact me about: Bowling and Billiards; please reach out to me when things go right, wrong, suggestions or clarifications for anything Bowling and Billiards.  Feel free to contact me!

James Kennedy (he/him)

Position: Wellness Director


  • Contact me about: Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding our yoga program, Stonewall in Motion, or any other opportunities to bring the Stonewall community together to get moving

Brian Walsh (he/him)

Position: Sponsorship and Fundraising Director


  • Contact me about: for sponsorship and fundraising opportunities that will advance Stonewall's mission and resources.

Liz Hoover (she/her)

Position: Communications Director 


  • Contact me about: Emails and social media posts, Stonewall events coverage in the media, and any suggestions on ways to improve Stonewall social media or communications.

Jordan Toy (he/him/his)

Position: Community Outreach Director  


  • Contact me about: My role works with our numerous non-profit partners who we raise money for throughout the year. If you're wanting to get involved with volunteer opportunities or large scale events through our organization, I'm a point of contact for all of our members.

Allyn Fowler (he/him)

Position: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Allyship Director   


  • Contact me about: Any questions, issues, concerns; or, suggestions for initiatives regarding diversity, equity and inclusion within Stonewall. We strive to engender a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for all of our members and communities. We give a voice to underrepresented groups and support our allies. Achieving diversity, equity and inclusion is an ongoing team effort and we will continue to make Stonewall as inclusive, accessible and equitable as possible.

Dave Rad (he/him)

Position: Education Director   


  • Contact me about: Any questions or suggestions about Stonewall's educational initiatives or getting involved with the education committee. 

Brian Chaffinch (he/him)

Position: Events Director   


  • Contact me about: Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding all social and fundraising events Stonewall puts on (including bar crawl, flip cup, end of the year celebrations, and end of season celebrations). I also run Stonewall's trivia leagues, so reach out with any questions about that!

Bob Kringe (he/him)

Position: National Board Representative 


  • Contact me about: Questions and suggestions pertaining to the National Organization; Ways to get involved in Stonewall on a national level; Getting connected with Stonewall in a different city

Committee Members

The work of our Board is supported by 4 Committees made up of Stonewall community members who provide perspective, leadership, and direct initiatives in areas essential to the fulfillment of Stonewall's mission. 

Education Committee

  • Daniel Eliot, Megan Harbach

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee 

  • Peter Zangardi, Rachel Waibogha, Lawrence Goun, Lenny Marchica, Kevin Lam, Jeremiah Spoon

Events & Social Committee 

  • Brian Walsh, Roger Mercado, John Sweeney

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