Inclusivity Policies

Team Name Policy 

No team name may include sexually offensive language (including but not limited to puns), derogatory language, racist themes, sexist themes, transphobic language, xenophobic language, or mocking of any historically marginalized party; 
    1. If a member expresses concerns about a team name (whether their own or another) it will be validated and addressed by the team captain.
    2. If left unresolved by a captain, league director should be contacted.

Pronoun Patch Usage Policy 

Patches are provided on all Stonewall Sports in the form of blank white spaces where members of the Stonewall community can share their name, their pronouns, or both. These spaces should not be used for any other purposes aligned with our organizational vision of providing events where all participants and spectators feel comfortable and safe. 
  • If violated, the consequence would be to pay for a new shirt for $25 (player may not participate in games until the new shirt has arrived) and receive a warning;
  • Second offense is being ejected from that sport for the rest of the season.
  • Examples of pronouns and appropriate usage: HE/HIM, SHE/HER, THEY/THEM, XE/XIR
Guideline: If someone expresses the use of pronouns to be respectful and use the pronouns given by that person. If you do not understand refer to google or ask clarifying questions politely.
Pronoun Usage Examples:
  1. Example: "Joe uses they/them pronouns, they identify as nonbinary and their team is in first place."
  2. Misuse example: if someone asks you to use he/him pronouns and you then refer to them as "girl" even if it's just a colloquial thing you do with all your friends, he might be uncomfortable. If he asks you not to call him "girl" or use she/her pronouns in jest, you should respect the request. 
  3. Ways to ask if you do not understand:
    1. "I've never heard that pronoun before, can you explain how to use it so that I am correctly addressing you"
    2. "Am I using your pronoun correctly?"
  4. Ways to NOT ask if you do not understand:
    1. "I've never heard of xe/xir so I'm not going to use it, I'll just use they/them"
    2. "Is that a real pronoun?"
  5. You do not have to understand someone to respect them fully.
  6. Use of the Pronoun Patches is optional and members are welcome to leave them blank if they choose not to share their pronouns.

Want to learn more? Visit our Pronoun Patch Frequently Asked Questions page here or contact Everette Nichols, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, at 

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